Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to start trading?

In order to start trading, you need to indicate an investment amount into the asset, choose asset and its expiration time. You can use fixed investment amount from the ones offered by default. Then choose “Buy” or “Sell” in accordance with your asset direction prediction and your trade will be processed at once.

  • What will I get for winning asset?

A successful trade brings you guaranteed fixed profit, which is indicated on the site for a definite asset that you choose for trading.

  • Can I deposit my trading account and start trading at once?

Yes, as soon as funds reach your account, you can start trading. But also prior to making a deposit, you can start trading using bonus real funds that are stored on your account by default.


  • What is a Base Asset?

This is a currency pair, index, stock, good or other financial asset that makes up the base for creating an asset.

  • What is an investment amount?

It is the amount of trader's funds which will be invested into asset.

  • What is an expiration level?

This is the level of asset processing. The cost of the asset at the moment when it closes its validity. In other words, “at the moment of expiration”.

  • What is an expiration time?

It is date and time of asset's term expiry.

  • What is “in-the-money”?

Your forecast is correct, you will receive your deserved profit.

  • What is “out-of-the-money”?

Your forecast is not correct, you lose your investment.

  • What is a strike price?

It is actual asset price at the moment of contract purchase.

  • Why cannot I start trading, invest in asset?

All our trading assets are available during the specified trading time. Such situation can hardly rarely occur due to technical issues that will be fixed within the shortest time. Also, you are not able to trade in case you have insufficient amount of funds on your trading account.


  • How do I deposit my trading account?

After you sign up, you will be provided with a personal wallet. You will be able to transfer Bitcoin to this account from any stocks, exchangers, offline wallets etc.

  • What deposit currency is there?

You can deposit your account in Bitcoin. You are granted with a unique wallet in Billing section, which you can use to transfer funds to.

  • What withdrawal currency is there?

The same one that you used to deposit your account, which is Bitcoin.

  • Where do I buy Bitcoin?

The most convenient way to buy Bitcoin is at any of the exchangers that you prefer. To select an exchanger we recommend you www.bestchange.ru resource. You select preferred currency and find the most favorable conditions.

  • How long does it take for a Bitcoin deposit to reach my account?

It depends on the deposit amount. The higher is the deposit value, the sooner you will get a deposit confirmation.

  • How long do withdrawals take?

From 10 minutes to 24 hours after you send a withdrawal request. It depends on the withdrawal amount. Please take into account that commission for each transaction is 0,0004 BTC, that guarantees the fastest money crediting on your wallet possible.

  • What is the minimum deposit for a trading account?

There is no minimum deposit amount. You can make a deposit of any value that you wish.

  • Where can I find my trading account history and see transaction status?

For this you need to log in, go to your personal profile and proceed to “Transaction history”. There you will find all the necessary information about the account.