How to trade?

Sale and purchase of financial instruments is rather a good option for a new trader. Despite the term that can be seemingly difficult, financial instruments are in fact quite a convenient instrument, by means of which a trader is able to multiply his funds with minimum spending of time and nerves.

upply of financial instruments is always high, therefore, a trader can buy them at any moment. In order to purchase an asset, you should choose the following:

  • trading instrument (for example, EURJPY currency pair);
  • lot (for example, $100);
  • time of asset closure (in 20 minutes, 1 hour, minute);
  • price movement direction.

In fact, all you have to do is to predict whether the currency price will be higher or lower till the moment you chose. If the prediction appears to be right, then you will gain profit. In case you predict incorrectly, you will lose the money you spent on the purchase.

There can be no doubts that financial instrument trading is profitable. Trader's benefit from trading assets is even larger, also in comparison to variants of classic trading Forex, shares, goods, and so on. It is because of the fact that financial instrument trading is more simple. In classic trading number of pips, setting orders for gaining profits and loss limitation makes a great sense. In trading financial instruments, all you have to chose is only time and direction. The biggest that you can lose is the amount of asset purchase, nothing more, whereas making usual trade on more traditional market can lead to loss of the whole deposit in case the price goes in the reverse direction. By the way, you do not have to be glued to monitor. You made the decision to buy an asset and you have nothing more to worry about. This is extremely important. Frankly speaking, when a trader sits in front of computer and looks at chart the whole day, he often gives up his nerves. He either gets afraid that something can go wrong or wants to earn as much and quickly as possible. There is no such issue in financial instrument trading. And therefore, actual gain here is usually bigger since gambling and excitement are the main trader's enemies. Financial instruments have much less on this matter.

It is easy to start working with financial instruments. First of all, you have to register on our site and make a deposit. In most cases, not much money is needed, so $100 is quite enough for the start.