How to earn on financial instrument market?

Nowadays, financial instruments is rather a popular way to earn. If you work on this market, then you have a stable income, amount of which depends only upon you. It ensures way more prospects than working in an office on a low paid occupation with irregular working hours and salary delays. If you have chosen financial instruments trading, you can become an independent and self-sufficient person. A person who works only for himself and receives a decent award for such work. Many people believe that it is just a well-sounding fantasy. If everything is so simple, why then doesn't absolutely everybody start trading financial instruments? One has to admit that it is not that easy. Moreover, one shouldn't think that it is enough just to be counting on good luck which would allow to become a millionaire in a couple of days. No one would ever believe this. Quite often one can hear similar claims about Forex market and shares. Something like “Give up your work, start trading and earning tons of money”. Working with financial instruments, as well as trading on currency or fund market, is exactly a job, but not game or entertainment. That means, one has to do something in order to achieve something. However, those “many promises” throughout Internet are only financial pyramids that promise fantastic profits in just two days. Many people think approximately the same about financial instruments. Nevertheless, there are significant differences. In financial instrument trading, winning depends not upon good luck, but upon right prediction. It is crucial to be able to predict correctly by means of chart analysis instruments, stats of other traders' purchases, and information about important economic events. Those who have spent enough time for education and analyzed the market for a long time before taking any serious actions have the greatest probability to trade financial instruments successfully. Those who stick to a definite proven system are the most successful traders.