About Our Company

ATEH is the concept of a next-generation technological trading platform. The main idea of ​​creating the company was inspired by the phrase of Steve Jobs: "Innovation distinguishes the leader from the follower".

Large data flows with stock quotes, indices, currency pairs require data accuracy and high transfer rates for all traders - from Wall Street stock exchange to online brokers. Analyzing the reasons of some unsuccessful investments result issues, our analysts concluded that those bad investments were often caused by delays in the transmission of quotes connected with the inconsistent trading platform.
Our online trading platform technology allows our investors to forget about this problem and focus directly on the trade itself. Technology
Our secret is hidden in the new technological experience and the use of ultra-modern web-equipment, which ensures constant uninterrupted communication with the world's main exchanges while receiving stock exchange quotes.
The ease and intuitive handling of the mobile trading platform Trading Platform
The ease and intuitive handling of the mobile trading platform allows our traders to use any kind of "hardware" and invest into trading assets and equities rather into expensive computer or mobile devices.
Analytics Of Trading Instrument
The assets presented here were not chosen by chance. Our analytical department constantly conducts painstaking work to identify the best instruments of investment and trade. Each type of asset undergoes a special «stressing test» for the level of profitability in different time frames. Only those assets that received 85% approval from our analysts were enrolled.
Trade In High-tech Assets
A representative example of our leading positions in the on-line investment market stands the fact of crypto-currency being available in the portfolio of investment instruments. Over the past few years, the financial market has been subject to the expansion of crypto-money. In a fairly short period of time, the number of cryptocurrency overcame the number of fiat currencies what really indicates a high increasing trend associated with people's confidence in the currency of the new technological era.